Thankyou for visiting my scribble-site. This is where I try to make sense of it all – and attempt to document one artist’s search for “a good life”.

I am based in a small studio in a town on the Mediterranean Sea.

Here, I make my art, connect with people – friends and clients – and run my creative thinking workshops.

I look forward to meeting you in the flesh one day. Meanwhile – welcome!

For a rummage through my paintings, please head over to my Crevado site. Many works are for sale. They are all original and I know you will find something that you fall in love with!


I also run a drawing experience based on a tour of the Picasso Museum in Antibes through Get Your Guide – something you want to check out if you are ever in the south of France!


Contact me from the Crevado site😊

Le Future a deja Commence - re-size