I am Gold!

Walking home along the Ramparts on an unusually cold, blustery Monday morning, I discover that my insides have turned to gold!

Not solid gold like Midas – but a clear yellow, cadmium that I seem to be excreting from my eyes.

Yes – my eyes drip when it is windy. I always have a tissue in a pocket to dab at the corners – and when I pulled one out to staunch the flow this time, I noticed that yesterday’s tears had left a bright yellow residue on the tissue. Yes! Gold on the inside!

So much gold in fact that it was leaking out of any orifice.

OK – so I had eaten a quantity of fresh turmeric the day before, but the idea of creating colour with my own body really sits with my Recupe art practice right now.

After all, Indian Yellow comes from Cow urine – and then, there is that up-market coffee made from beans that have circumnavigated the digestive system of a rodent before being collected and roasted……

Beetroot for tea tonight I think…..!