Cruise Ship


There is a cruise ship squatting in the bay. I saw it this morning framed by an impossible radiant light over -arched by lowering grey clouds. It is the Cannes Film Festival so it will rain😀

It made me think of a painting I made recently – one of many with the theme of migrants. I always return to the plight of the migrants. Where are they now? The “swarm” of desperate, displaced people who filled our news time not so long ago?

This is a mixed media piece – approx 150 x150 cm. It is oil on canvas with a moving blanket and a porpoise bone. The rafts are oyster shells, balanced precariously on a sea marked with coffin shaped holes where hope fell through.

I won’t be showing this one to the sedated cruise masses as they flood past my studio later looking for a reason.

I won’t be showing them anything.