Silent howls.


Big week for Brexit apparently! Irish border issues stalling everything again because they have only been talking about this possibility for a thousand years and why is everyone so surprised??

Yawn city – except that real people are being forgotten as this behemouth rolls ever nearer the cliff. So many now being reduced to foodbanks, crutches and abuse.

I visited ye olde city of Chester recently.

Once a sought after networking centre for the Cheshire Set, it has swapped twin sets for charity shops and the nasal chatter in the nace (sic) tea shops for the rattle of coins in begging tins.

The Rows now house the homeless – Henry Moore sketches lined up in sleeping bags along the famous Elizabethan walkways as locals pass by looking resigned.

Nobody is listening and nobody cares. La la la la la…….

I paint silent howls and headless bodies in colours that trick people into looking.

As an artist, what else can I do?