Party time for Aquarians.

img_20190201_123305Party time for Aquarians

Party time for Aquarians.
We all gather at Lee’s.
I’ve made a cake in the shape of a jarre,
Someone else has brought cheese.

These are my french friends – older, and full of vim.
We “fait le bisous” and find out what’s new,
Hit the floor and dance the night through.

Hit repeat in two weeks time – this time in Brexiting Britain.

I miss being here with my mates far and near
but, frankly, it’s with Europe I’m smitten!

I’m an ex-pat. I straddle La Manche.
Not a migrant or refugee – no!
My white skin sees to that – but the words “ex” and “pat”
are wrong and make me feel low.

I am not a patriot. I am definitely still here
on a landmass without physical borders.
I work hard, pay my dues and go where I fancy
without fear of harassment or orders.

Party time for Aquarians –
we all gather at Lee’s.
We are of every colour and nationality here
and we dance and do as we please.