Whimsical : A Journal of Contemporary Art

When you are an artist and your audience is confined indoors – what do you do?

  1. Drink?
  2. Drink more?
  3. Put your work on line?

This month, I am grateful to the following new online publications that have taken a chance with an unknown name.

Sick of elitism in the art world?? These guys are fighting back – and we need to support them!

Check out:

  1. The Working Artist http://www.workingartist.co.uk
  2. OverThink Zine https://www.overthinkzine.com
  3. Whimsical: A Journal of Contemporary Art http://www.whimsicalpoet.com

This month sees the publication of the second edition of “Antibes Insider”, a beautiful guide book to the best of Antibes in english. I am one of the contributors and write about the local art scene. http://www.antibes-rental.com

Finally, the exhibition, “Passe, Present, Future” which was shut in March because of Confinement and in which I show five pieces of work, will open again on 19th May. Yay!

Thanks for supporting,