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Time Out to re-connect with your creative self!


Di's Whale

Bespoke art workshops available. Design and create your own artwork in collaboration with Powysplays!

The image above is a large acrylic canvas, created in Di’s home, to her specifications – in an afternoon!

Di's Pelican


As was this one!

Contact me for more details.

PowysPlays – Course 1 – Creative mark-making

Two hours of exploration and experimentation designed to relax the brain and get the ideas flowing.

This workshop will be different every time – based as it is on ephemeral things like dust and weather.

Be assured though, of a nurturing environment with gentle hints and tips to move you forward, turning gesture into abstract and eventually, concrete pieces of art.

Why take this course?

Because it’s a fun, non-threatening introduction to the world of art, design, making and ultimately, understanding.

Connecting to the inner-child through play; letting go and allowing yourself to doodle in the widest possible sense, is something we all need at some point.

It is a two hour punctuation mark in busy lives, that is as good as – if not better – than a spa session or the treadmill gym!

What can I expect?

A hands-on session – mostly outdoors – usually overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

Groups will be no bigger than eight – and typically fewer than that, enabling lots of one-to-one support.

A messy, playful use of different materials. The aim is to use what is to hand – although standard paper and ink will be provided as well.

Contact me to arrange a personal art class near you. You get some friends round – I do the rest! Prices average at 20euros per person per one off class – discounts for a series of workshops.



Nice wkshop - C and E hands