High and Dry


High and Dry

Super content d’exposer au Villa Thuret, Antibes avec No-Made.

J’ai creer un cut-out (pochoir) sur un ancient pannel de publicite a partir d’un photo des Pins Parasols dans le jardin.

L’idee c’est que l’oeuvre se degrade pendant les mois de l’expo!

Tous les details se trouve (en anglais pour l’instant!) en cliquant sur le lien “High and Dry” au dessous.

Nicola Powys 2018



Cruise Ship


There is a cruise ship squatting in the bay. I saw it this morning framed by an impossible radiant light over -arched by lowering grey clouds. It is the Cannes Film Festival so it will rain😀

It made me think of a painting I made recently – one of many with the theme of migrants. I always return to the plight of the migrants. Where are they now? The “swarm” of desperate, displaced people who filled our news time not so long ago?

This is a mixed media piece – approx 150 x150 cm. It is oil on canvas with a moving blanket and a porpoise bone. The rafts are oyster shells, balanced precariously on a sea marked with coffin shaped holes where hope fell through.

I won’t be showing this one to the sedated cruise masses as they flood past my studio later looking for a reason.

I won’t be showing them anything.


Performance – le dessin.

Premiers Vendredis. Portraits avec Carmen. Le 6 avril.

Une artiste peintre (Powys) et une photographe (Blike) font équipe pour mettre en images votre histoire, le vendredi 6 avril à Antibes.

En échange d’une histoire, un poème ou une anecdote de 2 minutes, vous pourrez participer à une oeuvre d’art qui associe le dessin, la projection et la photographie.

Réservez votre quart d’heure de gloire en contactant Powys:
ou présentez vous tout simplement à l’Atelier Nicola, 13 rue des Revennes, 06600, entre 18h et 20h30!

Open studios 2016

Portrait Performance.

Premiers Vendredis. Portraits with Carmen. April 6th

A painter (Powys) and a photographer (Blike) team up to curate your story on Friday 6th April in Antibes.

In return for a 2 minute story/poem/anecdote, you will be able to participate in an art piece that combines drawing, projection and photography.

Book your 15 minute slot of fame by emailing Powys on:
– or just turn up at Atelier Nicola, 13, rue des Revennes 06600 any time between 18.00 and 20.30!

Red crowd canvas

I am Gold!

Walking home along the Ramparts on an unusually cold, blustery Monday morning, I discover that my insides have turned to gold!

Not solid gold like Midas – but a clear yellow, cadmium that I seem to be excreting from my eyes.

Yes – my eyes drip when it is windy. I always have a tissue in a pocket to dab at the corners – and when I pulled one out to staunch the flow this time, I noticed that yesterday’s tears had left a bright yellow residue on the tissue. Yes! Gold on the inside!

So much gold in fact that it was leaking out of any orifice.

OK – so I had eaten a quantity of fresh turmeric the day before, but the idea of creating colour with my own body really sits with my Recupe art practice right now.

After all, Indian Yellow comes from Cow urine – and then, there is that up-market coffee made from beans that have circumnavigated the digestive system of a rodent before being collected and roasted……

Beetroot for tea tonight I think…..!

Art classes for inquisitive people.

Art classes in the Vieille Antibes with Nicola Powys
January 2018  (Not for everybody!)

What, Where and When:

2 hour classes of art, inspiration, design and creativity.

13, rue des Revennes, Antibes. (nearest parking – La Poste. Nearest free parking – Les Salis)

10.00 – 12.00 Saturday mornings until Easter.


What can I expect?

2 hours of professional tuition by a local artist and qualified teacher.

Small groups, so lots of individual help and guidance.

Varied exercises and projects. You will learn how to see, improve your drawing and painting skills, experiment with different techniques and materials and create work you can be proud of.

If there is a specific technique or art project that you have been meaning to do for a while, you can use the classes to build up and develop the ideas for it.
Otherwise, be guided by Nicola to use art to create an unfurling of possibility in your life!

15 euros per class, basic materials included.

(If you book four consecutive classes, the cost is 50 euros – a small saving if you know you can come to all four!)

Dates for the next four sessions are:

Saturday 3rd March

Saturday 10th March

Saturday 17th March

Saturday 24th March



Writing Play(s)

Creative Writing, Poetry and Theatre in Antibes – in English

Immerse yourself in the creative world of words and imagination with a professional artist and qualified teacher.

Apart from perfecting your english, these classes are designed to help you improve your self-confidence, your presentation skills and create a love of learning for life.

Who? Young Adults – 11 to 14 years old

Where? Transart Cafe, rue Dr Rostan, Antibes 06600

When? Wednesdays 15.00 – 16.30

Cost: 12 euros per session

E-mail: for more information – or check out

(Classes start on 8th November and are limited to 5 students with a working level of english)