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TIME OUT – a grounding experience, using making and art techniques to centre ourselves.

Nicola Powys is an experienced visual artist, teacher and creative consultant. She believes in “learning by doing” and runs practical workshops for individuals and groups with the aim of consolidating and clarifying all the stuff you know you know!

What does this mean??

It means that in this competitive world, we need to be kind to ourselves sometimes. We need to stop, be, re-group and appreciate what we have achieved so far.

Nicola offers three hours of guided making, looking, seeing and creating in the beautiful surroundings of the coast in Antibes.

You will be led through simple, but stimulating tasks, starting with a gentle yoga stretch to get you focused and some basic observing and drawing techniques to help you get started thinking like an artist! Learning how to step back and visualise the bigger picture is key here. Nicola will show you how to do this in an informal and fun way.

It doesn’t matter if you have never picked up a pencil in your life – or if you are already making art, – this workshop encourages you to look at the world in a different way, and in so doing to reflect on your place in it.

It takes courage and belief in yourself to succeed in the world of art – as it does in many professions!

Experiencing how artists deal with this gives you an insight into how you might use some of their strategies in your own sphere – be it personal or professional.


Date: monday 4th June

Time: 9.00 – 12.00

Where: Antibes. Meet at 9.30 out side the car park entrance on the Pre du Pecheurs.

Practical Info: Wear loose, comfortable clothing suited to the weather on the day as we will, hopefully, be outside for the morning.

Please bring any water/coffee/snacks you may need to see you through!

Nicola will provide all materials.

Bouy on rockPrice: 25euros