Rosie Past – an artful life


  Lapping sea Lapping coffee Slapping waves, shlurping sea – slamming caffeine. Lopping swimmers in swelling sea. Hopping yogis in silhouette. Lapping waves, sipping thoughts, sifting coffee. Floating torsos, bobbing limbs – echoes of whispers Slap, lap, slap, lap… Veiled sun and gossamer air. Soft, soft, slap. War ships on the horizon, all pointing in…

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Nails don’t just land in tyres for no reason.

When Thor went to Mugello in a rented car, he was delayed because of a nail. The nail pierced the front tyre, making it flap slurpily into the Autogrill car park. Incensed, Thor roared for answers, paced the forecourt, shouted at Avis down the phone. Told them what they could do with their tinpot cars.…

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