Rosie Past – an artful life

Weekend in Berlin.

Ich bin ein Berliner! Half a duck if you please, and a pint of Malteser. In the Turtle restaurant, under the pipes, which are above the ground. And the sun is OUT! Fortified by kaffeekuchen, flitting through the Tiergarten, walrus moustaches aplenty. Brandenburg Gate, Unter den Linden, Schlesisches Tor, try saying that five times quickly.…

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  Lapping sea Lapping coffee Slapping waves, shlurping sea – slamming caffeine. Lopping swimmers in swelling sea. Hopping yogis in silhouette. Lapping waves, sipping thoughts, sifting coffee. Floating torsos, bobbing limbs – echoes of whispers Slap, lap, slap, lap… Veiled sun and gossamer air. Soft, soft, slap. War ships on the horizon, all pointing in…

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