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12 July 2019
5 stars
It’s been a highlight of this week, so interesting and positive was the artist ! Children have loved it, and have learned from the workshop! Nicola has beautiful energy and so much knowledge about art! My autistic son enjoyed so much, he is asking when will we go again! Without a doubt a must fun activity for the family !

“Fabulous Experience”

28 June 2019

5 stars

Our family of 4, 2 adults and 2 boys 8 and 10, thoroughly enjoyed this tour. The artist explained the works Picasso painted in Antibes and their significance. Then she took us to a charming square for an art class we all enjoyed. It was an authentic personalized experience.

“Fantastic, Memorable Experience!”

23 April 2019

5 stars

This was a terrific way to see the museum, followed by a creative, fun art class on the ramparts outside the museum. We were traveling with our 11-year-old son, so this was a great way for him to stay focused at the museum, and have a fun experience afterward. I love the art we created, and it is such a lovely souvenir. I highly recommend this experience!


Dear Nicola,

Thank you so much for spending the day with me and helping me with my art dilemmas!  You imparted so much information about  where to put my existing art in my house and why, and then what art we should paint to fill the empty walls.
I didn’t have many materials to actually do some painting as it’s been awhile since I’ve painted but out of a few pots of wall paint and an old canvas that had seen better days, we managed to produce a gorgeous picture of a pelican that I really love.  You have such a lovely, loose style where you turn a mistake into a good thing, so the end result is interesting and engaging. It means I can paint and not worry about the end result but enjoy the experience and learn from my mistakes.
I hope to do lots more painting with you as I love it and I’ve never painted with anyone else where I feel so much encouragement.
Good luck back in the South of France.  I hope you stay this time!
Best wishes,
Diana Davies

Nicola ran creativity module at my MBA school 15 years ago, and the memories are just as vivid as if it was just 15 days ago. She has a presence and clarity of presenting the relevance of the artist’s perspective to our professional lives, that is both striking and convincing. One might think that the artist’s realm is one of high abstraction, yet Nicola is in her element in showing us that we are all artists, and that the artist’s skills in perspective taking can bring us powerful ways of relating to our own realities. I am in no doubt of the relevance of Nicola’s classes to our business skills and continuous adult development.”

John Oliver

co-founder Human-Equity

Theseus MBA graduate 2001

Nicola has an incredible skill in creating an powerful connection with her creativity coaching clients thanks to her own rich journey as an artist, and she has an uncanny ability to identify the sweet spot as to the perfect next step for you on your own journey. 
Every call with Nicola is energising, clarifying and inspiring. Creativity is the oxygen of life, and Nicola embodies this with her enthusiam, passion and joy in serving her clients.”
John Oliver
co-founder Human-Equity
Theseus MBA graduate 2001

Here are the photos from the life drawing you were doing the other evening in Antibes. Thank you for inviting my daughter to draw with you, it was a lovely spontaneous experience for her.